Patient Materials

Rochester RHIO helps participating physicians and organizations inform patients in our community through public relations and advertising activity. Participating providers receive patient Q&A flyers, a supply of tri-fold brochures containing key facts, contact information, and other pertinent information. The RHIO also provides a staffed patient answer line.

You can encourage patients with questions to call our answer line.
Toll free: 877-865-RHIO (7446)
585-410-6880 in the Rochester area
Fax: 585-410-6801

Contact the RHIO to request the following materials

  • Patient Brochures (English)
  • Patient Brochures (Spanish)
  • Patient Consent Forms (English)
  • Patient Consent Forms (Spanish)
  • RHIO Flyers
  • RHIO decal for office window
  • RHIO chart stickers
  • RHIO clipboards
  • RHIO pens
  • RHIO memo cubesĀ 
  • RHIO travel mug