How Do I Sign Up?

Before doctors can use Rochester RHIO to improve your care, you must provide consent for every medical practice or individual physician who gives you treatment.

Most patients currently allow medical professionals to exchange radiology and lab test results, prescription and other information as a routine part of their care. Before the electronic health information exchange, such information was shared via postal mail, fax machines, and phone calls. The RHIO allows it to be exchanged faster and more efficiently using a secure online exchange.

You can join the vast majority of patients who choose to take advantage of this potentially lifesaving resource.

Next Steps

  • Decide if you want your doctor to have access to your health information through the secure health information exchange. (Need more information? Call our patient answer line, 1-877-865-RHIO.)
  • Click on the link below to view a sample┬áPatient Consent Form.
  • Use the RHIO's Patient Portal to set your consent preferences by clicking My Account
  • or complete your form at your next visit to your doctor's office.

Sample (English) Patient Consent Form

Sample (Spanish) Patient Consent Form